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We are expert in repairing Fanuc, Sanyo Denki, Lenze, ABB, Schneider, Fuji, Siemens, Yaskawa & Mitsubishi electronic devices.

About Us

Sasaki Group of Company was established in Selangor, Malaysia in year 2003 in response to a demand for a company dedicated to serving small volume of electronics component purchase. Main objective is to be a single contact that fully conversant with the industry demand, with advantages to customers to acquire best quality products and services at very competitive prices. We obtain customers entrust with our services throughout the industries with their continuous order.

Our Mission

A company with dedication to serve small volume of electronics purchase, Sasaki Group later evolved and extent our business scope from electronics component supplier to providing product solution. We embarked into the provision of repairing, refurbishing and testing complex electronic component and devices. Our mission is to become the best company to provide support in term of supplying and repairing complex electronic components and devices.

Our Expertise

We specialize and expert in repairing and refurbishing any model of Power Supply, Electronic Control Card, Servo Motor, Servo Drive and Servo Amplifier in any robotics, CNC machines as well as in other machineries application in most manufacturing industries.

Our Aspiration

Sasaki Group of Company business objective is to become the most efficient and reliable service provider in the industry, to be premium service provider in electronics solutions. Realization to this objective is always to improve our skill and expertise in our day-to-day activities. Certainly, to be superior in our primary business activities which is electronic component repairing and services activities. Endless development of our workmanship and know-how is derived from the absolute years of experience and business presence; therefore, we prioritize the quality of our services.

We are proud that our competency had earn us reliance with numerous of esteemed electronic component and devices brand such as Fanuc, Lenze, Schneider, Siemens, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, ABB, Fuji, Sanyo Denki and as well as other well-known brand in the industry.